/r/RandomActsofChristmas is a place where families can request assistance for their children at Christmas or offer assistance to those in need. From start to finish, the photos tell the stories of each Christmas that was graced with a Santa from RAOC. Welcome to the most holiday spirited subreddit there is!


  1. To post a request for help this Christmas for your family, please read the How to Post a Request on RAoC wiki.
  2. All requesting users are required to register on our site. All registration information is kept confidential to RAoC Moderators only.
  3. Your account must be at least 3 months old (8/1/2018) in order to register.  If your account is not at least 3 months old and/or has limited activity, you must also complete a Registration Plus.
  4. Please have both your verification picture and Amazon wishlist list(s) ready before you begin the registration form, especially if you’re on mobile.
  5. Failure to fill out the registration will result in your request being removed. Upon approval of your registration, you will receive both a reddit notification message from a moderator and a green stamp to right of your name saying ‘registered’ so our Santa’s know you have signed up properly.  Please wait for your registration approval notification message from our mods before you post a request, otherwise the post will be automatically removed.
  6. When making request submissions it is mandatory to use the following format: Number of kids / Ages / Names / City, State.  Example: 1/3/Lilly/NY,NY
  7. Be honest in your submissions – As long as you tell the truth, we will do our best to help you.
  8. If your reddit account is predominantly active in requesting subreddits you will not be allowed to participate in our subreddit.  Acceptability decisions are made at moderators’ discretion and you will be notified if your registration is turned down for this reason.  No exceptions.
  9. If you or another household member are participating in other assistance subreddits, please disclose in both your registration form and your request posts; keep in mind there are many families in need and after a total of 5 [combined subreddits] gifts are received per child, do not repost a request.  Only a parent or a guardian may request for a child; if you have different circumstances please message the moderators.
  10. Please keep in mind this is a stressful time for many people.  Do not be greedy. This is a bannable offense.
  11. Sending personal messages (PMs) to anyone and asking for gifts is not allowed. Failure to comply will result in being banned from this subreddit.
  12. Reposts (2 total) are allowed. Reposts must be labeled “[REPOST]” and must include a link to the original post in the text.  All gifts already purchased by a Santa (including any from other gifting subreddits) must be included and listed in the repost per child.  Any outstanding accounts where a child has not reached the 5 gift goal threshold is automatically included in our final push MegaThread posted 1-2 weeks before Christmas Day.
  13. Please try to keep gifts under $30; with one “dream gift”, so our Santa’s can spread more cheer.  We do, however, understand that some families with multiple children may post for a larger gift to share among siblings.  Please note this is a dream gift on Amazon and which child(ren) the gift is for.
  14. If you’re a Santa and have purchased a gift, please post the child you’ve gifted, and the gift you’ve purchased in that request thread.
  15. All gifts received must be reported to the moderators for our records.  No exceptions. Not reporting gifts or underreporting can result in a ban.
  16. If your post does not show up, message the mods. Entitle your message “The Grinch Stole My Post!” If your post does not show up right away, please wait before you message us. Make sure you followed the proper posting rules.  Multiple messages are not necessary, we do get busy and we will reply to you. For follow up on any questions/issues sent to our moderators, please reply to the most recent mod message rather than creating a new message, that way all associated messages are grouped together and easy to find in our modmail.  Registration and Registration+ approvals are processed from a queue on a first come, first served basis.
  17. We may use your child’s picture on our Facebook page – Let us know beforehand if you object.
  18. Please post your required “[THANK YOU]” thread as soon as you are able and include photos of Christmas morning showing the happiness spread by our givers – We would love to include them in our annual slideshow as well.  If you do not post a timely Thank You submission you will be banned.
  19. Please only request for children 18 and under. Children 19 and older may be gifted at the discretion of the giver.
  20. Requests for cards and decorations are allowed but remember, children are our first priority.
  21. Requests for adults or other non-Christmas related assistance are not allowed, please see the related Subreddit links below.
  22. Food items (aside from stocking stuffers), diapers, beds, etc, are not allowed to be requested for.  There are subreddits that do allow these posts and are in the sidebar.
  23. Users who do not thank their Santas will not be allowed to participate here in future years.  Please tag any Santas by name in your thank you post so they will be notified.
  24. Items on wishlists that have been purchased should **never** be deleted.  Also, do not delete any wishlists used or make wishlists private until after Christmas.  Doing so will result in a ban.
  25. If you made a mistake in a post, message the moderators.  Never delete your post. This may result in a ban.
  26. Do not harass other users, Santa’s, or moderators.  This is not limited to just this subreddit. We’re here to help.  Be respectful. Not doing so will result in a ban.
  27. If you suspect a scam or have another concern about a user, notify moderators with your evidence.
  28. Mods are here to assist with all stages of the process. However, do not private message moderators. Message the mods as a whole if you need assistance.